Most Common 5 Fuel Economy Myths to Avoid.

It is perfectly understandable why people continuously search for a way to reduce their monthly expenditures on gasoline or diesel since fuel prices have been escalating to historically high prices. There are plenty of tips to improve fuel economy available on the internet that are easily accessible to anyone. Simply Google “improve fuel economy” and […]

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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving, on contrary to the seemingly obvious conclusion, can save you just as much time as money and, more importantly, keep the roads safer for everyone. It will help you navigate in most road and traffic conditions and anticipate the possibility of a mishap. City driving is also a major source of stress, especially

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Requirements for Clear Eye Vision

Some jobs require perfect vision, but there are many definitions of this term, including full color vision, 20/20 visual acuity, or a certain range of peripheral vision.  Many jobs have industry standards from safety organizations and the government. Employees are measured and certified that they meet these requirements. Other jobs are visually demanding, but they have no

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