Discover How To Get Whiter and Shiny Naturally Using A Root Extract From A Rural Village In Thailand Without Going Through Painful And Expensive Laser Treatment From Dentists.

Do you know any man who is unattracted to someone with whiter teeth?

Or a woman who wouldn’t love to have a bright, whiter and healthy teeth like this?

In fact pastors, journalists, entertainers, businessmen, public figures and even smokers want it and I want to show you how to get it without going through the  expensive cost of laser whitening and the stress from teeth sensitivity.

I have had these milky yellow teeth for years since my childhood without being bothered about it.

Until it cost me My first and second love ever...

I met Amara during a private lesson in my first year at University of Ibadan. She was a beautiful, brilliant and soft hearted lady.


I got attached to her and same with her because I was also a bookworm.

Without a long time, Human chemistry played on us and we fell in love with each other.

She was my best friend and we got along easily on many things. We are of the same faculty in school and in fact, later on we attended the same fellowship. 

We are well known and had a god hope of been a great couple together...

All went well until our third year, when she summoned courage to tell me the news of my life...

"Although you have been good to me and I respect that, but I feel bad presenting you to people in the public..."

"why...?" I asked,

She said " Because of your teeth... I have tried if I can overcome it and be comfortable with it, unfortunately, I have never been able to and I don't think This can work... People will think she is dirty to be dating a man with yellow teeth.''

Are You For Real?

You are not convenient with my teeth colour and that is the reason you are breaking up with me?

Well, She was sincere, though...

I felt cheated and injured.

I have been committed to our relationship since we met because I actually love Amara - My First Love Ever...

We could not handle this maturely and we later lost our friendship.

Within me, I thought her excuses were baseless and she must have had another man in her life, she must have been cheating behind me.... 

Until Adebola, who I dated in my final year left me for the same reason.

I have been a successful, attractive student and a student business man. I engage in several businesses while in school... So, why on earth will my teeth be an issue?

This became a complicated stigma for me,

I found it hard to smile or laugh in the public because of the colour of my teeth. I had it in my head- they are not presentable.

I did not have bad breath, I brush my teeth twice a day - morning and night, wtf is happening to me....?

This got me researching and visiting dentists to help me with my predicament.

I have used several toothpaste which did not make my teeth get any whiter.

Of course, I loved to have whiter teeth like everyone also, but all efforts were to no avail.

In 2018, after my NYSC, I got an appointment with a dentist at Ikeja, Lagos...

He gave me a laser teeth whitening treatment.

My teeth got whiter!

Later after a week, I noticed my teeth began to wince a little from anything too hot or cold.

I could no longer enjoy eating hot meals without having pains in my gums and mouth, I could not also take cold drinks either. 

Imagine me having to wait for my food to really cool down before I could eat.

I spent a total of N67,500 in the process and what I later got as gain was sensitive teeth, LOL.

I’ll never forget that Tuesday morning back in February 2018 when I sustained a crack on one of my premolar teeth due to sensitivity.


I had to be rushed to the hospital to remove the premolar to avoid infections and gum problems.


 I spent another expense on that removal process.

After that deadly incident and death scare, 

I swore I was never going to any dentist ever again, 

Now, please don’t get me wrong…

I’m not saying you’re a bad person for visiting a dentist,

All I’m saying is, always think about possible side effects for your health first…

Why do you want to expose your precious teeth to the teeth sensitivity that follows laser tooth whitening....?

Don't give dentists your hard earned money and later still have to spend more on the adverse side effects of laser teeth whitening.

But here is the thing, after that incident, I still love to get my teeth white after all, but definitely not with the deadly path I took the other time. This made me become an avid researcher...

Everyone in reality loves to have whiter teeth...


It boosts confidence and gives one a better smile. I feel more presentable in the public with whiter teeth.

It makes me more attractive.

Everyone in reality loves to have whiter teeth, It boosts confidence and gives one a better smile. I feel more presentable in the public with whiter teeth. It makes me more attractive.

Later I found a Asian Product, precisely from India.

The only reason I am mentioning this here is because...

First, it is not even toothpaste or powder...

Second, I used it before even mentioning it to anybody...

Third, It’s the pure extract from a plant called Magnolia. This extract is from Magnolia bark.

It’s a Thai plant harvested in the rural villages of India, 

And it contains an active compound which has an action that rids tough stains from the enamel.

But it’s not just the active compound that makes this serum work so well or why I like it,

The Thai Plant works in harmony with VITAMIN D extract to make your teeth healthier and help you have whiter enamel.

I know you’re wondering how it looks, how much this serum is sold for and how you can get it.

I will tell you that soon.

But before I do, I want to share with you some person’s who have used this serum and seen results

And my dear, it's not a must you buy this serum.

Only buy, if you want a safe and guaranteed way to help you get a whiter faster.

NOTE: Don’t place an order if you won’t be available to pick up the product. Be civil and don’t make us waste each other's time.

Magnolia Bark.

Magnolia bark extract contains antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis), cavities, dental plaque and prevent plaques regrowth.

Magnolia bark extract kill most oral bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Gum incorporating magnolia bark extract and a surfactant reduced plaque regrowth.

Magnolia bark gum may contribute towards improvements in oral health.

Vitamin D.

This nutrient aids your body in absorbing calcium, ensuring that you are able to maximize your gains from your diet. This way, Vitamin D is essential to stronger bones and teeth, as well as sturdier and whiter enamels.

It Doesn’t Even Stop There

When you order today, we also give you a copy of our book “Oral Health Bible”

Inside this FREE report, you’ll discover how to naturally ,maintain white teeth without using any product again and get rid of mouth odour.

This report would cost you N2,500 if you are buying it alone but when you order this cream, you’ll get it for FREE.

Available While Stock Last

GET YOUR OWN Teeth Whitening Solution Kit AND SAVE 50%

(For Limited Number Of Early Customers Only). 

Get Your Teeth Whitening Solution Kit

Now For Only N13,500.00

 N27,000 NGN


How Long Do I Use It Before Seeing Results?

That’s a very good question. Most of our happy customers see result in their first usage, some got the result after second attempts. Etc.

However, because everybody is not the same, we recommend using it after the third day if your teeth is not completely white from the first day following the instructions we are going to send to you.

I Have Used Other Products That Didn't Work, Be Honest, Does Your Product Work?

This is a very intelligent question.
Apart from fact that it works, one more thing you should know is that it doesn’t have a single side effect.

Most of our customers are still amazed at how it works even without giving them a side effect.

My Teeth Has Been Yellow All My Life, It Cant Be White Again?

When you were born, you were not born with yellow teeth! So your teeth has not been yellow all in life.
Something happened between when you were young till right now that changed the color of the teeth.

These are the things that changed the color of your teeth:

The food you ate. The acids from these food.
And because it went untreated for years, The enamel of your teeth kept absolving the acids and gradually, overtime, the acid start changing the color of your teeth.

The RICPEL Teeth Whitening Solution is going to penetrate and remove those things that have accumulated on your teeth over the years and restore back your teeth to the original colour which is pure WHITE, that it was when you were born.

I Have Used Close Up For Years And Nothing Change, How Am I Sure Yours Is Different?

CloseUp is not made to make your teeth white!

Despite what their advertising says.
Of course, they told you that it will make your teeth white, but has you have just said, you've been using CloseUp, Pepsodent all these years, has your teeth become white? NO!

What CloseUp, Pepsodent and any other toothpastes that you buy off the shelf do is that they keep your mouth fresh and makes it not smelling. That is what they do. They don't make your teeth white.

If you want to make your teeth white, get RICPEL Teeth Whitening Solution.

How Do I Use It?

1. Clean / Rinse Your Mouth With Warm Water,
2. Use A Cotton Swab To Dip Proper Amount Of The Product,
3. Wipe The Teeth Surface Repeatedly, 
4. Rinse With Warm Water Until The Plaque Is Wiped Clean And Teeth Becomes Clean.


What Payment Option Do You Accept?

To safe our customers from online frauds, We accept both Payment On Delivery and Payment Before Delivery. But we plead with you to make your order only when you are financially ready to receive your order.

So that we just don't waste our money in sending to your locations whereas you are not ready to receive it. It discourages Payment on Delivery Programs.

When Will I Receive My Order?

You will receive your order within 48 hours in Lagos, and 3 - 5 working days outside Lagos.

How Do I Maintain My White Teeth After Using Your Product?

We recommend that you rinse your mouth with water or brush after taking meals that can stain your teeth. In that way, stains will no longer stick to your teeth again.



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