An Influencer Ditches His Electric Car, Prefers His Old Gas Car

"His discovery saves more gas and money than all e-cars combined..."

Friday, May 28th, 2021 | Christopher H. , Editor in Chief

Viewers Were Taken Aback By His Choice To Return His E-Car, Due To Mounting Bills.

A Youtuber caused a stir recently, when he returned his electric car after only 2 weeks

He conducted a series of experiments on video that proved any conventional car was more economical to run. In his channel, he shares his “gas saving tip” to all his viewers.

It’s reduced 1/3 of gas consumption on every vehicle he’s tested.

“We all thought that going gas-free with e-cars means big savings but that’s not true.” -Mike Reavey

Monthly gas spending will just be replaced by absurdly high electric bills that comes from recharging electric cars at home, once every three days.

Also,  people are tired of their gas cars because it seems they were wasting away their money on fuel weekly.

That’s why this little engineering marvel discovered by Mike is now coming to everyone’s hands so that the world can go further, and save more.

“E-car manufacturers make a lot of sweet promises to the people.”

 - Mike Reavey

Mike was once an advocate for electric cars on his channel. So, everyone was shocked when he made a video talking about his bad experience with driving his electric car. He admitted that electric cars are not very practical for everyone yet and it drained more money than a usual car. 

Even though Mike went back to driving his old gas car, he still noticed the engine was guzzling away gas very quickly

Upon calculating his expenses, he was still spending over half a thousand dollars alone on fuel every month.

We all know how pricey gas is in this country and the prices keep going up almost anyhow.

A Key-sized Device Has Changed The Revolution

This device can INCREASE fuel efficiency and SAVE up to  of your fuel consumption.

"Just plug it in and watch your gas meter" - Professor Alexander Miller

Mike plugged the device into his own car. He filmed himself driving over 500 miles before the gas tank was left empty.

He tested it on dozens of other cars, too.

They all went FIVE TIMES FURTHER than they normally did on a single gas tank!

Mike was surprised and impressed by this device's ingenuity.

This device improves his gas mileage and produce cleaner emissions. It also gives his car a better horsepower, acceleration and a smoother running engine. 

All within a TINY AMOUNT of FUEL.

In fact, Professor Alexander is willing to share the secret behind their invention.

Professor Alexander Miller is a respected specialist of the engineering field and also the inventor of FuelSave™, a small device that enhances fuel performance.

“Simply put, this device acts as a small battery for cars.” - Professor Alexander

“Once plugged in, it instantly connects to the car’s main electrical system

and discharges stored electricity when there is a heavy energy 

demand from the alternator.”

“So instead of having the alternator work overtime, this device supplements 

the required voltage to reduce the electrical system’s load.”

“Thus freeing up energy that can be better used 

which results in a more efficient and complete combustion of gasoline.”

“That being said, your vehicle’s gas mileage is improved  and produces cleaner emissions.”

“Getting better horsepower, acceleration, and a smoother running engine.”

“All within a tiny amount of fuel.” - Professor Alexander

What is FuelSave™ ?

The FuelSave™  is a new application of old technology. Basically, it acts like a small battery that helps your car's electrical system perform better. The small device is fitted with a capacitor  that once plugged in to your 12v adapter  is instantly connected to the car's main electrical system. (capacitors are also commonly used to power the electronic flash in cameras)

The capacitor first charges and then discharges the stored electricity (voltage) when there is a heavy energy demand from the alternator. Heavy energy demand (reduced voltage) is caused by using any electrical accessory in your car including lights, windshield wipers, air conditioning, stereo or any combination of them.

Instead of the alternator and battery having to work overtime, FuelSave™  supplements the required voltage to reduce the load on the electrical system from any accessory that is being used. The reduced electrical demand frees up energy that can be better used to deliver a more constant and steady supply of electricity to the spark plugs and ignition system and in the end helps you to save a lot of fuel.  

Stunning Results, Effortlessly.

The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of the gasoline which will improve you gas mileage and produce cleaner emissions. You will also get better horse power, acceleration, and a smoother running engine despite daily driving conditions.

The fact is that fuel mileage will fluctuate in any car due to driving habits, lack of maintenance, traffic conditions and many other factors. All these factors will rob the fuel efficiency your car was meant to achieve. The main purpose of FuelSave™ is to help your engine consistently maintain its designed fuel efficiency despite of all these unpredictable situations.

"Over 500,000 people from around the world saw great results!"


  • Save up your Fuel Consumption to 35%
  • (The result can be seen within 1 week!) 
  • Cleaner Emission 
  • More horsepower
  • Longer battery life 
  • Higher throttle response 
  • Easy to use just plug and watch your monthly fuel spending goes down!
  • No more weekly overspending in the gas station and frequent trips to car maintenance  

How To Use:

1. Plug FuelSave™ into the cigarette socket.

2. Wait for the red light to blink once. Then, the device is ready and working.

100% Legal

Save 35% On Monthly Fuel Consumption

100% Save Your Hard Earned Money

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