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Benefits You Get From Using FuelSave™:

  • Increased Gas Mileage,
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption,
  • Lower Emissions,
  • Increased Horsepower,
  • Longer battery life,
  • FuelSave™ is the latest technology, a breakthrough invention and patented device that could save fuel consumption by 20-35%,
  • FuelSave™ also helps improve car's engine acceleration and the performance of on board equipment such as stereo, air-conditioner and lights,
  • Universal for all cars and equipped with fuse protection, for better product life and safety,
  • Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving,
  • FuelSave™, gives cars cleaner emission and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes (GCC), That means less pollution and more clean air.
  • FuelSave™ is proven safe, convenient and easy to use,
  • Just plug-in into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car and FuelSave™ starts working instantly.
  • Easy to use.
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Works for both Petrol & Diesel Vehicles,
  • Universal for all vehicles,
  • Perfect For Cars, SUVs, Buses and Light Trucks.

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 SAVE 40% Old Price: N30,500

Get it Now For only N18,000 (Plus FREE Delivery)

Hurry! Limited Time Offer!!!

Get Your FuelSave™

Now For Only N18,000.00

 N30,500 NGN


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How Does It Work?

The FuelSave™ is an application of a new technology. Basically, it acts like a small battery that helps your car's electrical system perform better. The small device is fitted with capacitor that once plugged in to your 12v adapter is instantly connected to the car's main electrical system. (capacitors are also commonly used to power the electronic flash in cameras)

The capacitor first charges and then discharges the stored electricity (voltage) when there is a heavy energy demand from the alternator. Heavy energy demand (reduced voltage) is caused by using any electrical accessory in your car including lights, windshield wipers, air conditioning, stereo or any combination of them.

Instead of the alternator and battery having to work overtime, FuelSave™ supplements the required voltage to reduce the load on the electrical system from any accessory that is being used. The reduced electrical demand frees up energy that can be better used to deliver a more constant and steady supply of electricity to the spark plugs and ignition system.

The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of the gasoline which will improve you gas mileage and produce cleaner emissions. You will also get better horse power, acceleration, and a smoother running engine despite daily driving conditions.

The fact is that fuel mileage will fluctuate in any car due to driving habits, lack of maintenance, traffic conditions and many other factors. All these factors will rob the fuel efficiency your car was meant to achieve. The main purpose of FuelSave™ is to help your engine consistently maintain its designed fuel efficiency despite of all these unpredictable situations.

Can It Work On V8 Engine?

Yes, It works on all cars, buses and light trucks. 4 plugs, v6 and v8.

The only exceptions it doesn't work on are caterpillars, heavy duty trucks and tractors.


Because They use 24 Volts.

The technology is only built for 12 volts powered vehicles.

What Payment Option Do You Accept?

To safe our customers from online frauds, We accept both Payment On Delivery and Payment Before Delivery. But we plead with you to make your order ONLY when you are financially ready to receive your order. So that we just don't waste our money in sending to your locations whereas you are not ready to receive it. It discourages Payment on Delivery Programs

When Will I Receive My Order?

You will receive your order within 24 - 48 hours if you stay in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcort, Benin, Warri and ASABA, and 3 - 5 working days if you stay outside those mentioned locations.

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Got More Questions? Call Now 09014419014

Call: 9am-5pm ; WhatsApp: 24/7

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